About Us

It was Jason's dream out of high school to start his own company. He had an entrepreneurial mindset at an early age and wasn't a college driven student. Over the years, his career path took him working for different Accessory companies from Michigan all the way to California. He didn't stop there and knew he wanted to be his own boss. That's when he thought to himself, "I'm going to start my own business and call it Whatever" and that's just what he did! In 2003 he started his first accessories company in LA and called it: Whatever Company. The company and name "Whatever" has since been in Jason's life and family for 21 years.
From Chicago to Detroit, Jason and Kamie are Midwesterners born and raised but California aged. They met through mutual Michigander friends while Jason had moved out to Cali for work and Kamie lived in Michigan. It was true love at first sight and they started a life together in California. Wine was something they learned to enjoy with family and friends, which became a fun hobby for them. The couples interest in wine blossomed on their honeymoon in May of 2001 driving up the California Coast to Sonoma Wine Country. Since then, wine has become a passion, a collection and an experience they want to share with others. They call themselves true winos!
Having a taste and passion for wine mixed in with entrepreneurial thinking, talking about owning a vineyard was a dream Jason and Kamie had for some time. This dream became a reality in 2019 when they moved into a picturesque 13 Acre property with a beautifully manicured vineyard in the Malibu Coast AVA. The previous owner of the vineyard hoped her vines would go to someone who appreciated wine and who would keep the dream alive, Jason and Kamie were ready to take on the task! This made them believe that if you follow your passion and dreams, you can do "Whatever" you desire and with that they created Whatever Vineyards.
The Hallock Family-
Jason, Kamie, Ashton & Ryder
...and vineyard pooch Blue-their Belgian Malinois 🐾